Take advantage of additional benefits offered by EVENT CENTRUM BABYLON: purchasing tickets to our entertainment or relaxation centers at discounted prices for your customers or employees, special cost-effective packages not found in our regular offerings, or the opportunity to showcase your company on prominent and high-traffic tourist destinations.


As part of a new project, we would like to offer you an exclusive commission-based ticket and service sales offer at CENTRUM BABYLON Liberec.

With it, you can expand the portfolio of services for your clients and thus increase the attractiveness of your facility.

Provide your guests with up to 35% discount on tickets to the entertainment part of CENTRUM BABYLON, such as Aquapark, iQPARK, or Wellness. You can either keep the difference from the counter price or give it to your guests as a benefit of your facility.

The amount of commission is determined by the distance of the cooperating facility from CENTRUM BABYLON Liberec.


  • You increase the attractiveness of your facility.
  • Additional income to your business.
  • We provide promotional materials, including subsequent service and support, completely free of charge.
  • Easy purchase through online environment, guests have tickets immediately available.
  • You order only when your guests are interested, you don't purchase anything in advance.
  • You always have an overview of your purchases, invoicing once a month.


Reward your employees with an attractive benefit in the form of a discount on stays at our hotel! Well-deserved relaxation in the comfortable WELLNESS HOTEL BABYLON with a wide range of relaxation procedures and entertainment in many facilities of CENTRUM BABYLON is certainly an enticing reward for their work.

We offer special cost-effective accommodation packages for companies, which their employees can reserve with us using a unique code. These benefit packages are not publicly available in the standard offer and are intended exclusively for companies.

If you are interested in using benefit packages, do not hesitate to contact our team.


Promote your company on one of the advertising spaces inside or outside our extensive complex!

CENTRUM BABYLON is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Liberec region. The annual attendance of entertainment centers exceeds 400,000 people, with 90% of visitors from the Czech Republic. Beyond the above-mentioned number, it is necessary to consider the visit of guests of the four-star WELLNESS HOTEL BABYLON, exceeding 40,000 people annually - mainly from the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, and other European countries. In the congress part of the center, more than 100 event, corporate, and private events for clients from all over the Czech Republic and abroad are held annually. The potential reaches up to an annual capacity of 500,000 people.

Due to its location, several hundred city buses and dozens of long-distance buses (e.g., Liberec–Prague) pass by CENTRUM BABYLON every day. Košická Street, where CENTRUM BABYLON is located, is one of the busiest roads in Liberec. About 2,500 cars pass through it daily, mainly due to exits and entrances to the R35 expressway (Liberec–Turnov–Prague/Hradec Králové, and in the opposite direction Liberec–Děčín–Poland/Germany). It is also one of the main access roads to the center of Liberec, where vehicles pass at very low speeds.

You can find an overview of all our advertising spaces here.

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